We all have an ideal of who we’d like to be, someone we emulate throughout our lives, in the things we do and the choices we make. An ‘ultimate’ version of ourselves. For me that ideal is a strong, confident, healthy, contented, and beautiful woman.

Her name is Anaïs.

And I continually chase her through the trials and tribulations of life. So welcome to my story, take my hand and join me in chasing that woman and her perfect imperfections.

But my name isn’t Anaïs. It’s not even French. I’m not French, though I do love France. Pick me up and pop me down anywhere in the Loire Valley region with a dollop of sunshine and a glass of Vouvray and I’m a happy lass.

No, my name is Becki, a 30-something new mama who’s recently ditched the rat-race of the big city and is now coasting (read: stumbling) my way through country life. After living out my twenties in London I’m now holed up in the wilds of Essex with my man and our firstborn.

So this blog? Natterings about life in the wilderness whilst attempting to mother a newborn, stay stylish and remain sane. Tricky biz! That’s why I’ll be forever chasing Anaïs…